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Dr. Fong keeps herself up-to date on the latest scientific research and incorporates this evidence into her treatments as needed.  She speaks and understands the language of conventional medicine, however instead of utilizing conventional treatments, she will offer you a whole new arsenal of naturopathic treatments and insights. In addition to Cleanbody Protocols in the Cleanbody Program, Dr. Fong utilizes the following naturopathic modalities to add additional support to any other imbalances she finds in her investigation of your case.


Functional Medicine


Functional medicine focuses on discovering the origins of disease from a functional perspective, identifying and treating deficiencies, organ dysfunction, or toxicity in the body.  Often, before homeopathy can be effective, the "obstacles to cure" must be removed. Functional medicine can identify what these obstacles are and work to clear these imbalances. Functional medicine treatment includes: 

  • Lifestyle Modification

  • Exercise

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition 

  • Supplementation

  • Detoxification



Homeopathy is at the core of Dr. Fong's practice as a Naturopathic Doctor. Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine utilizing potentized remedies made from plants, animals, and minerals to trigger a healing response in the body.  The homeopathic prescription requires an experienced clinician who can identify a remedy matching the symptom picture of the patient. When prescribed properly and once the "obstacles to cure" have been removed, Dr. Fong has observed homeopathy to provide a true curative healing.

Botanical Medicine


Botanical medicine is the use of plants or substances derived from plants as medicine to treat and prevent disease.  Many conventional medicines are derived from botanical plants.  Botanical medicine can be very powerful. Dr. Fong utilizes botanical medicine when needed in combination with homeopathy. Dr. Fong utilitzes botanical medicines in the form of:

  • tinctures

  • dry herbs

  • teas

  • powders

  • capsules and tablets

Naturopathic Counseling & Mind-Body Techniques


Support and guidance through the healing process is integral to the success of the homeopathic prescription. Dr. Fong provides this type of one-on-one support through Cleanmind Sessions to help patients understand and resolve any personal, social, or psychological problems that may arise during treatment and offers support using mind-body techniques such as EFT, meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga.

Integrative Medicine


Dr. Fong is trained in integrating conventional medicine with functional and naturopathic modalities. If a patient is taking prescription medications, Dr. Fong will integrate a naturopathic approach with the goal of eventually weaning off the medications.


If the patient is not on any prescription medications, but the patient's condition is very far along, Dr. Fong will prescribe conventional medications initially while supporting the patient to a healthier state. Once the patient's condition has improved, she will then support weaning off the prescription medications and supporting with naturopathic modalities.

Other Supportive Modalities


As needed, Dr. Fong utilizes other modalities such as:

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