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Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

CEO/Founder of Cleanbody


Hello, and welcome to Cleanbody! We are so excited to support you in your journey to Cleanbody Health!

Because we take a 360 approach at Cleanbody, we use two diffferent portals to provide you the most comprehensive support.


To save time during your first visit, please watch this 17 minute video BEFORE your first visit with your doctor or Cleanbody Coach, so that you can optimize your use of these resources during your Cleanbody program. Please note: If you do not watch this video before your first visit, your practitioner will have to spend valuable visit time going over this information.

We look forward to supporting you in your journey to Cleanbody Health!

Dedicated to you,

Your Cleanbody Team

Your Cleanbody Orientation
Getting to know your Coaching & Resource Portals

Access Your Online Tools

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Our Coaching Portal is called Healthie and it is where you can journal your progress, contact Dr. Fong and your Cleanbody Coach, and access your visits if you are in one of our Complete Programs or if you are a patient. Don't have access to this? If you are a current patient, schedule a visit and you will automatically get access or email us here to get access to the Healthie portal. This is a desktop and mobile portal. Download the mobile app here.


Our Resources Portal is called Cleanbody Essentials and it includes our educational modules and all of the resources you need, such as our Weekly Update Form and Weekly Coaching Calls with Dr. Fong. Access to this Portal is included in our Complete Programs. If you are not in a Complete Program and want access to this portal, you can join here.

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