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Dr. Fong's background as a molecular cell biologist allows her to understand and utilize the most up-to-date medical research available today. Dr. Fong combines this scientific knowledge with the wisdom of naturopathic modalities including homeopathy, botanical medicine, physical medicine, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and naturopathic counseling & mind-body techniques.


The Healing Power of Nature

Dr. Fong's practice is rooted in the naturopathic principle, "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" - the healing power of nature. Therefore the focus of diagnosis is to uncover the root-cause of the "dis-ease" or imbalance in the system and the focus of treatment is to stimulate of the body's self-healing process. When the body can self-heal, "true health" - rather than pharmaceutically-supported health - can be achieved.






















Four Steps to Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together


1: Investigate the underlying issues of a patient's disease, including toxic burden and other systemic burdens


2: Remove the "Obstacles to Cure" (stressors causing organ dysfunction) 


3: Heal Trauma and/or Psychoemotional Imbalance (when necessary)


4: Restore Optimal Cellular Health, Organ Function & Systemic Balance


The four-step process is critical to Dr. Fong's success with patients. Many doctors only address one or two of these steps, and find that only partial healing is achieved.  When these patients come to Dr. Fong, she seems to find the "missing piece" to the puzzle. She acts as a "health detective", uncovering the "clues" and applying her knowledge of naturopathic medicine to clear the imbalances she discovers. 

How long does it take to see results?

It takes about one month for Dr. Fong to complete a thorough investigation of your health (step 1). As Dr. Fong starts to fit the puzzle pieces together, she will start to see a complete picture of your disease process. When the picture is complete, she then builds an individualized treatment plan geared towards completing steps 2 - 4 of the Cleanbody Protocol. Some patients notice a minor shift immediately after the first visit and some patients notice a shift within two to three weeks of starting the program. Typically by the end of three months, the patient should notice a definite change in their health. The amount of progress, however, depends on how severe the patient’s imbalance is at the time of the first visit. Patients with severe dysfunction or who have been suffering for many years typically need more time to re-balance and heal.


What diseases can the Cleanbody Method be used for?

ALL chronic and recurrent disease. Because chronic or recurrent disease is simply the accumulation of organ dysfunction over time, the Cleanbody Method can be applied to any chronic or recurrent disease.


What is the goal?

Dr. Fong's goal for all patients is "Cleanbody Health", which she defines as not only the absence of disease, but a holistic balance of body, soul, and mind and the creation of a strong foundation from which one can achieve their life's potential. 


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