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Address the Root Cause. Clear Your Skin FOR GOOD.
Check Out This INSPIRING Eczema Survivor Story!!! 

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"I was at a breaking point when I found Cleanbody. I'm now off Dupixient (eczema medication) after having used it for 3 years straight! There are no words to explain how grateful I feel!"


- Yajaira B., October 2021


Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

Eczema Survivor

CEO/Founder of Cleanbody

Hello, I'm Dr. Fong, and
I'm an Eczema Survivor too.

Hello! I'm Dr. Fong. I am a naturopathic doctor specializing in eczema, and an eczema survivor who has been completely eczema-free for the last 10 years.


It is my mission to help other Eczema warriors achieve Clear Skin FOR GOOD and stop using steroid creams, medications or other injections that just cover up the symptoms and cause bigger problems later on.

In my FREE 45 minute, information-packed masterclass, I teach the Cleanbody Protocols that were used to clear my and Yajaira's eczema (see her story above!).

Get ALL of your Eczema questions answered... FINALLY! Watch my masterclass and submit questions to receive the answers you have been waiting for! (questions are answered via email within 24 business hours)

Are you ready for Clear Skin?

Don't wait any longer. Get the answers NOW!

Conquer your Skin Condition FOR GOOD

5 Year Old with Severe Eczema


Day 0

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5 Months

17 Month-Old with Eczema

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Are you ready to join these patients in achieving Clear Skin FOR GOOD?

Don't wait any longer. Get the answers NOW!


During this Free 45 Minute Masterclass,

You Will Learn...

  • The REAL root cause of eczema that your doctor has not explained to you

  • The unique step-by-step process (for adults, kids, & babies!), including labs and treatments, that helped Dr. Fong and 500+ of her patients live Skin Disease-Free

  • ​The 3 things you (or your child) can do RIGHT NOW to start your journey to clear skin!

Are you ready to finally get ANSWERS?

Get off your Skin Disease Medications FOR GOOD

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Day 0

1 Month

KG Before After.png

2 Months

4 Months

Join This Patient! Achieve Clear Skin FOR GOOD.


Your Success Story Begins HERE


I became a naturopathic doctor because I wanted to find a cure for my severe eczema. Watch my story below! It took me 30 years and a medical degree to finally get answers and achieve eczema-free health.


I accomplished this seemingly unachievable goal using the protocols that I will be teaching in my masterclass.

This is MY success story, and with the information in my masterclass, I hope to help you achieve YOURS!

Yours In health,

Diane Angela Fong, ND

Your Success Story Begins Here. 

Don't wait any longer.

See What these Cleanbody Warriors Have to Say...

"By six months, my eczema is gone.  


I have made much more progress doing the Cleanbody program than I have with conventional  treatment and my previous experience with other naturopathic/functional medicine doctors."


- Mary Jane P., June 2022

Ben A.

eczema, swelling, headaches, low-energy, anger

Noelle G.

Itchy skin, fatigue, inability to sleep, headaches, stomach pain, and emotional distress

Your Success Story Begins Here. 

Don't wait any longer.

Take our free assessment to learn more!

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