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In the CleanSTART Coaching Program, your Cleanbody Team supports and empowers you to achieve Cleanbody Health! Scroll down to learn more about the program.



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Group Orientation Meeting

with the CB Team

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8 Weekly Group Visits

with Dr. Fong & the CB Team

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Core Education



9 Weeks Access to Cleanbody Core 

Education Modules


9 Weeks Access to Cleanbody

Coaching App


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One week later, you will attend your first Group Visit, where Dr. Fong and the CB Team will cover the first two modules of the Cleanbody Core Education: Welcome to Cleanbody! and CleanMIND. We will go over your Cleanbody Core Worksheets for these sections, answer questions, and make sure that you are doing everything you need to do to optimize the CleanMIND Pillar.

Eating Healthy Foods





In the final week of your program, you will meet with the CB team immediately after your Group Visit #8. In this visit, we will close you out of the program and explain next steps.

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You will meet with your Cleanbody team in a 30 minute virtual group orientation visit. At this visit, you will learn how to access all of your Cleanbody Core Education Materials and how use our Cleanbody Coaching App. You will get your CleanSTART journey started after this visit. Leading up to your first group visit, you will go through Module 1 and 2 of your Cleanbody Core Education and you will start journaling in your Cleanbody Coaching App.

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WEEKS 3-7:



You will continue to journal in your Cleanbody Coaching App and you will fill out a weekly update form every Sunday. You will attend a group visit weekly for the next 6 weeks to receive coaching on the remaining Cleanbody Core Modules: CleanFOOD, CleanFIT, CleanENVIRO, CleanROUTINE, and Cleanbody Organ Support. 

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CleanESSENTIALS Membership


You can continue to access the Cleanbody Coaching App and Educational Modules with our Cleanbody Essentials Membership.




Our goal is for you to achieve Cleanbody Health! This is "true health" where you are symptom-free and functioning optimally, not just free of disease! 

You've Already Tried EVERYTHING!
How Do you Know this Will Work?

First of all, we know exactly how you feel. Everyone on our team has been on a similar healing journey in the past, and we believe that you have every right question this program. We know that you have been let down time and time again. The CleanSTART Coaching Program is different because it was designed by a doctor and a team who has been in your same shoes, and they have optimized the program to provide you with all the support and tools you need to succeed.

 1) Cleanbody Assessements and Daily Journaling Allow you to Evaluate your Health and Customize your program
This is not a one-size-fits-all program, because we are all unique individual people with different needs. In the CleanSTART Coaching Program, we provide Cleanbody Assessments and a Daily Journaling app to allow you to evaluate your own health and customize your program. 

2) You have a Partner that will Hold your Hand to the Finish Line
Your Cleanbody Team will be your partner as you go through the program. You will meet with your Cleanbody Team weekly in group visits for 9 weeks.

3) If You Are Ready to Give 100%, We Will be There Giving 100% Right Back

We can attest to how much this program works, but it only works if you put the work in. If you give 100%, then you will get 100% out of this program and we will be so excited to greet you at the finish line! If you are not ready to work, and you prefer to continue using bandaids, then this program might not be right for you. We hope that you are willing to take the leap!

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This is your life, and your health! The education and support in this program is everything you need to create a strong foundation for a Cleanbody -  for less than one typical visit to the Emergency Room and astronomically less than your potential hospital bills in the future, if you do not fix your underlying issues now!


Click the button below to get started!



Who is on my Cleanbody Team?

Dr. Fong, our Cleanbody Nutritionists, and our Care Coordinator are your Cleanbody Team. Your CB Team will meet with you in your weekly group visits for 9 weeks. Click to learn more about your Cleanbody Team.

How much does the program cost?
The CleanSTART Wellness Program is an investment in your health! There are two options for payment. You can pay $447/month for two months or $797 (save $97 with the
one time payment).

Does the program include supplements and treatments?

No, this program does not include supplements. Because you are not working individually with the Cleanbody Team, our practitioners cannot recommend supplements to you. Although our team cannot recommend supplements for you, comprehensive supplement and treatment information is provided in the Cleanbody Core Education and you can work with your healthcare practitioner to understand what supplements and treatments may be right for you.


Does this program include labs?

No, this program does not include labs. Because you are not working individually with the Cleanbody Team, our practitioners cannot recommend labs to you. Although our team cannot order labs for you, you are able to order some labs on your own and receive education in regards to understanding these labs.

Which labs am I able to order?
Here is a cost breakdown of some of the most common labs that you may be able to purchase through a third-party company, depending on where you live. The cost for these labs is paid directly to the labs.​ Please note, labs are not available in some areas.​


  • Organ Health Assessment: You can order a yearly lab assessing your organ health through your healthcare provider or directly through Quest or Ulta Labs.

  • Environmental Toxins: $288, a toxic non-metal chemical profile that screens for the presence of 173 different toxic chemicals using 18 different metabolites, all from a single urine sample

  • 3x4 Genetics Test: $299, contains 36 key insights and several practical, personalized, recommendations for you to start taking control of your health

When does the 9 week program period start?
When you sign up for the program, you will schedule your Group Orientation Meeting. 
This begins your program start date.

What if I have an extended vacation or other conflict planned during the program period?
If you have an extended vacation or other conflict that is scheduled for 2 weeks or longer, we recommend that you wait to start the program until you return from your vacation or other conflict.

Are the Group Visits virtual? 
All of the Group Visits are conducted via zoom, so that you can connect with us in the comfort of your own home!

What happens after the CleanSTART Coaching Program?

The CleanSTART Coaching Program is our 9 week introductory program to empower you with our Cleanbody Core Education, support you in ordering labs, and support you in setting up a Cleanbody Core Protocol. Once your CleanSTART Coaching Program is completed, you can continue to get access to the Cleanbody Core Education, Cleanbody App, and Weekly Coaching calls with our CleanESSENTIALS membership. The CleanESSENTIALS membership is $17/month. Learn more here.


How do I get started?

Schedule a Discovery Consultation with Dr. Fong so that she can assess your health and understand if this is the right program for you. Schedule a Discovery Consultation here


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