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Our introductory program is called CleanSTART. This is a two month program that provides your Cleanbody Core Education, lab testing, and initial evaluation visits. See your CleanSTART options below!


Two Month Introductory Programs

In your area of residence, we offer two CleanSTART introductory programs that provide increasing levels of Cleanbody support.

Child Counselor



or $447/Month for 2 Months

(Save $97 on One Time Payment)

This program includes two months access to the Cleanbody Core Education and App, and 8 weekly support group sessions with Dr. Fong and the Cleanbody Team.This is right for you if you:​ 

  • have mild symptoms

  • want lab and supplement information to support your work with your healthcare provider 

  • want group weekly coaching support from the Cleanbody Team




or $1247/Month for 2 Months

(Save $197 on One Time Payment)

This program includes everything in the Coaching Program AND individual visits and weekly support with a Cleanbody Nutritionist. This is right for you if you:​

  • have moderate symptoms

  • want customized nutritional lab and protocol recommendations to support your journey

  • want access to advanced nutritional protocols and education

  • want individual weekly support from the Cleanbody Team


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