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Our Complete Coaching Program provides all of the weekly support and resources you need to get through the Cleanbody Program safely and effectively.


If you are interested in taking a more traditional visit-to-visit approach instead of getting unlimited support during your Cleanbody Coaching Program or are not ready to take the plunge with a Complete Coaching Program, then you can start with a Coach Evaluation Package and then join our Cleanbody Essentials membership.

Learn more about our Cleanbody Coach, Dr. Jessica here.



Coach Evaluation &

Review Visit

with Dr. Jessica (2 Visits)


Coaching & Nutritional

Labs (if available, cost not included)

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Dr. Jessica's One Month Evaluation 

of Daily Journals/Lab Results & 

Creation of Customized

Care Plan



Coaching App

weekly support.png

Establish Client Care

and access follow-up visits

with Dr. Jessica


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Dr. Jessica will evaluate your nutritional and lifestyle health for one month. She will review your daily journals where you will journal your food, bowel movements, sleep, stress, and other health factors for one month. If you ordered labs, Dr. Jessica will use your lab results to help support you with your nutrition and protocols in the Cleanbody Program.




After your evaluation package, you will be an established coaching client. Moving forward, you will schedule visits with Dr. Jessica as needed, or join one of our Complete Programs.



You will meet Dr. Jessica in a 55 minute virtual visit to review your health history and past labs, assess your physical and emotional health, and determine if labs can be ordered to understand your Detox Funnel health.

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You will meet with Dr. Jessica in a 55 minute virtual visit where she will review your labs (if applicable), daily journals, and discuss your customized Cleanbody program. 




Our goal is for you to achieve Cleanbody Health! This is "true health" where you are symptom-free and functioning optimally, not just free of disease! 

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This is your life, and your health! This Evaluation Package will allow you to understand all of the root causes of your health condition.


Click the button below to schedule a Discovery Consultation and Get Started!


Who is my Cleanbody Coach?

Dr. Jessica Titchenal (Dr. Jessica) is your Cleanbody Coach. She is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner. 

What kind of support with my Cleanbody Coach Provide?

Your Cleanbody Coach will support you through the entire Cleanbody Program and Protocols. In addition, your Cleanbody Coach is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner. In all US states except Alabama, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Mississippi, she can provide additional nutrition counseling, including recommending nutritional labs and recommendations to support your Cleanbody journey.

How much does the package cost?

The Evaluation Package is an investment in your health! There are two options for payment. You can pay $550/month for two months or $997 (save $103 with the one time payment).

Does the package cost include supplement and lab costs?
No, the package cost does not include supplement and lab costs because each supplement protocol and lab recommendation is unique to each individual.

How much will I spend on supplements?
Supplement costs are different for every person because everyone will have a different roadmap. Average monthly cost for supplements is $175 per month.

Do I need to do labs?
No, you do not need to order labs, but the labs recommended by Dr. Jessica may help her to make the most informed decision about your Cleanbody Roadmap. Unfortunately, labs are not available for clients who live outside of the US or in 
Alabama, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Mississippi. Limited labs are available in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island due to state laws.

How much are the labs?
Here is a cost breakdown of some of the most common labs recommended by your Cleanbody Coach. The cost for these labs is paid directly to the labs.​ 

  • Food Intolerance Labs: $129 to $238, measures IgG response to 96 to 184 commonly consumed foods

  • Environmental Toxins: $288, a toxic non-metal chemical profile that screens for the presence of 173 different toxic chemicals using 18 different metabolites, all from a single urine sample

  • Mold Toxins: $249, tests for the presence of toxic mold exposure by analyzing 31 of the most common mycotoxins to which humans are exposed

  • Comprehensive gut analysis: $338, includes leaky gut, microbiome, pathogens, gut health

  • Comprehensive gut analysis with additional parasite testing: $457-486, includes leaky gut, microbiome, pathogens, gut health and additional parasite testing

  • Cellular Nutrition Assay: $199 to $299, measures the effect of micronutrients on immune function to identify nutrient insufficiencies

  • NutraEval: $415, evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients

  • 3x4 Genetics Test: $299, contains 36 key insights and several practical, personalized, recommendations for patients to start taking control of their health

Do I need any other resources to reach my health goals?

Dr. Jessica may suggest that you join Cleanbody Essentials in order to get all of the resources you need to reach your health goals. Cleanbody Essentials provides education, weekly coaching calls with Dr. Fong, symptom tracking, and more. The cost of this membership is $57/month.

What happens after my Coach Evaluation Package?

Once you understand the root cause of your health condition, it's time to start your journey to Cleanbody Health! You can either choose to join our Complete Coaching Program at that time, to get weekly support throughout your program, OR you can just schedule visits with Dr. Jessica as needed.

  • Visits with Dr. Jessica:

    • 25 minute Follow-up visit: $127

    • 55 minute Comprehensive Visit: $247


Do I have to live in California or the United States?
No! This package is available to people of all ages across the globe. For people who live outside of the US, we are unable to order labs or ship supplements to you at this time. We can recommend labs and supplements that you can get locally. 

Are the Coaching Visits virtual? 
All of the coaching visits are conducted via zoom, so that you can connect with us all over the world and in the comfort of your own home!


How do I get started?

Schedule a Discovery Consultation with Dr. Fong so that she can assess your health and understand if this is the right program for you. Schedule a Discovery Consultation here


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