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Therapist and Patient

Our Four Month Program with Complete Support from Our Cleanbody Team to Clean Your Detox Funnel and Achieve Cleanbody Health!

Complete Support
to Clean Your Body

Child Counselor

Do you want to take your Cleanbody Journey to the next level with labs, one-on-one coaching, messaging, and more?

Whether you have moderate to severe symptoms, or just need someone to kick you in the butt to get you started and keep you on track, we are here for you!


Introducing Cleanbody Complete:

All of the Tools AND the Team You Need to Heal For Good!


Cleanbody Complete is a four month membership to Cleanbody Essentials AND the team you need to support you every step of the way!

In Cleanbody Complete, our goals are to:

  • Meet with you one-on-one throughout your 4 month program to answer all of your questions and guide you through your Cleanbody roadmap.

  • Review your daily journals to keep you accountable and comment on your journal entries, if needed.

  • Review your weekly updates to track your progress and ensure that you are improving steadily throughout your program.

  • Give you priority for answering your questions on the weekly coaching calls.

  • Give you access to drawing food intolerance labs to assess possible food intolerances and provide a more customized nutrition plan.

  • Give you access to collecting environmental toxin labs to assess possible environmental toxin exposures and provide a more customized toxin clean-up plan.​​


...and much, much more - Having a team to guide you and answer all of your questions is crucial for those who have more moderate to severe symptoms or those who need a kick in the butt!

Cleanbody Complete will give you EVERYTHING you need to get you to the finish line with a team supporting you throughout your journey!


See What these Graduates Have to Say...

Ben A.

eczema, swelling, headaches, low-energy, anger

Brielle H.

Hormone Imbalances

Yajaira B.


Noelle G.

Itchy skin, fatigue, inability to sleep, headaches, stomach pain, and emotional distress

What You Get When You Join Complete...


4 Months Access to Cleanbody Essentials

You will receive all the Essentials tools for 4 months to support you in your journey to Cleanbody Health! Click here to see everything included!

($2800 value)

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 8.24.07 AM.png

Your Roadmap to Cleanbody Health

Your Cleanbody Coach and/or Dr. Fong (Complete Plus) can customize your Roadmap further using your Cleanbody Assessment, labs, and other information gathered at your one-on-one appointments. Your customized Roadmap will include a plan for each of these areas:

  • Nutrition - what you should eat, what you should avoid, the optimal portion sizes, how you should eat to optimize your gut health, and more! ($100 value)

  • Daily Regimen - what you should be doing every day to ensure a clean Detox Funnel. ($100 value)


  • Exercise  - what your exercise regimen should be to ensure optimal detoxification. ($100 value)

  • Toxin Clean-Up - what toxins you need to clean up in your environment and products. ($100 value)

  • Targeted Cleanbody Protocols - based on the health of your detox organs and toxic exposures. ($800 value) These protocols include:

    • Supplements: The necessary supplements to heal your gut and flush your kidneys, liver, and bile.

    • Nutrition ModificationsModifications based on your assessment results

    • Detox Treatments: Treatments to speed the detoxification process and decrease healing time!


Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 1.15.26 AM.png

Track Your Progress

Track your progress and watch your symptoms improve week by week! Your Cleanbody Coach will review your Weekly Updates, comment on your progress, and provide any necessary support!

($800 value)

Finishing Line

Five One-on-One Cleanbody Coach Visits

You will have five 50 minute virtual visits with your Cleanbody Coach. Your CB Coach will walk you through the diet and lifestyle changes you need to make and support you through all of the Cleanbody Protocols.

($1235 value)

Support Group

Cleanbody App

You will have a coaching app where you can chat with your Cleanbody Coach, update your symptoms and track other health markers, upload pictures and documents, access your care plans, schedule visits, access your video visits, and more!

($400 value)

Woman with Paper Mask

Unlimited Messaging

You will have unlimited messaging with your Cleanbody Coach for 4 months!

($800 value)

Ready to Run

Priority on Weekly Coaching Calls with Dr. Fong

As a Complete Program member, you will receive priority for asking questions on the weekly coaching calls with Dr. Fong.

($400 value)

What's This Type of Success Worth?


All of the tools provided in Cleanbody Complete are valued at over $7400!

What's Your Investment?


or $850/month for 4 Months

*Please note, this package does not include lab or supplement costs.

This program is all of the Essential information and Complete support you need to achieve success for less than one typical visit to the Emergency Room and astronomically less than your potential hospital bills in the future, if you do not fix your underlying issues now. 



Make the investment now, so that you do not have to pay for it down the line. 

Use your FSA/HSA Card!

Find out how you can use your funds at Cleanbody

Healthy Food

You've already tried EVERYTHING.
How Do you Know If this Will Work?

First of all, I know exactly how you feel. Remember, I was in your shoes over a decade ago. You have every right to feel that way - I know that you have been let down time and time again. This program is different because I designed it to be everything I wanted when I was in your shoes!

It's Customized For You, and Only You
In the Complete Program, your nutrition plan, daily regimen, Cleanbody pillars, and Cleanbody protocols are all customized to address your specific health needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, because we are all unique individual people with different needs. 

If You Put in the Work, It Will Work For you
I can attest to how much this program works, but it only works if you put the work in. If you give 100%, you will get 100% out of this program and I will be so excited to greet you at the finish line! If you are not ready to work, and you prefer to continue using bandaids, then this program might not be right for you. 

You have a Cleanbody Team that will make sure you get to the Finish Line!
Your Cleanbody Coach and Dr. Fong will be your guiding light and cheerleaders as you go through the program. Your Cleanbody Coach will review your daily journals and weekly updates, and she will be available for direct messaging throughout the program. Our team won't let you fail!

Does the program cost include supplement and lab costs?
No, the program cost does not include supplement and lab costs because each supplement protocol and lab recommendation is unique to each individual.

How much will I spend on supplements?
Supplement costs are different for every person because everyone will have a different roadmap. Average monthly cost for supplements is $175 or about $700 for the entire four month program.

Do I need to do labs?
No, you do not need to order labs. The food intolerance labs and environmental toxin labs are informational labs for you to customize your diet even further and understand what environmental toxins you need to clean up. Unfortunately, labs are not available in New York and outside of the US.

How much are the labs?
The food intolerance labs range from $178 to $418 depending on how comprehensive you want your testing to be. The environmental toxin labs are $240.

Do I have to live in California or Certain States?
No! This program is available to people of all ages across the globe. For people who live outside of the US, we may need to have you order similar supplements in your local area if we are not able to ship to you.


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