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" I used to be embarassed to be seen in public. Now, I feel beautiful, confident, and healthy from the inside, out." -Katie G.



Your skin is an external manifestion of what is going on inside of your body. When you have a chronic skin condition, it indicates that there is dysfunction with one or more of your organ systems. After a thorough investigation, we will identify the stressors that are putting a burden on your system and the reasons behind why your body is susceptible to chronic skin disease.


Common causes of chronic skin diseases include food sensitivity/allergy, gastrointestinal dysfunction, detoxification problems, toxicity, poor diet and lifestyle, nutrient deficiency, gastrointestinal or skin infection, hormonal dysfunction, and stress. Once we uncover the root-cause of the symptoms, we will treat you from the inside, out using safe naturopathic modalities to rid the body of these stressors and encourage healing.


Scroll down to read about the most common chronic skin diseases we treat, or read about The Cleanbody Method.

Check out Dr. Fong's case study on the patient in the BEFORE & AFTER treatment photos below!

Fig-1_Case-1 (Before Photo).jpg
Fig.-2_Case-1 (After Photo).jpg

Dermatology Diseases We Treat

Dermatology Treatment

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