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Give Your Body A Toxin Break.


Flush a Decades' Worth of Toxins in One Night.


Restore Cellular Health.


This is the NaturalStart Your Body Deserves.

We live in an increasingly toxic world. Over decades of abuse, our organs of detoxification (liver and gallbladder) are overburdened by the buildup of toxins, which form into chunks of clotted bile, or gallstones. When the liver is congested with these stones, it affects every process in the body, including digestion of food, detoxification of harmful substances, nutrition and oxygen delivery to the cells, hormone balance, weight management, elimination of waste, and premature aging, just to name a few. The cell begins to starve and toxins are allowed to penetrate into every organ system, leading to chronic disease and eventually, organ failure and cancer.


 The NaturalStart Detox is a 1 month program developed by Dr. Fong designed to reverse this process. By cleaning up your diet and clearing a decades' worth of congested bile and toxins with a liver/gallbladder flush, your cells are able to "breathe", receive increased amounts of vital nutrients, efficiently eliminate metabolic waste products, and restore proper communication with the nervous system, endocrine system and every other part of the body.

This is truly the NaturalStart that you deserve.


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Please note: These programs are designed for patients who have mild to moderate symptoms. For those with severe symptoms, multiple layers of disease, or complex cases, Dr. Fong's Naturopathic Program might be more appropriate for you. Call (650) 396-7117 to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more. 

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