Diane Angela Fong, ND

Medical Director & Naturopathic Doctor

Creator of the Cleanbody Program


“A Cleanbody is completely symptom-free

and functions at the highest level of health.”  

- Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

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Getting to Know Dr. Fong

Dr. Fong grew up in the Bay Area.  At UC Berkeley, she majored in Molecular Cell Biology and minored in dance. Immediately after graduation, Dr. Fong danced in the Broadway North American tour of Bombay Dreams and played Eliza in the King and I before attending medical school.  Dr. Fong enjoys spending time with her daughter, attending dance classes, singing with her daughter, reading, biking, and spending time in nature with her family. 

Dr. Diane Angela Fong is the Medical Director of Cleanbody and a naturopathic doctor specializing in Naturopathic Toxicology, Endocrinology, Fertility, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal Health, & Complex Cases.



Dr. Fong attended naturopathic medical school at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine and received her undergraduate degree in Molecular Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. She has completed specialized training in pediatrics, mental health, homeopathy, Nutritional Response Testing, Morphogenic Field Testing, functional medicine, Nutritional Intravenous and Intramuscular Injection Therapy, and has studied with world-renowned doctors, such as Eat Right for Your Type doctor, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, and homeopath and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Andre Saine (after being awarded a scholarship to the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy).



Dr. Fong believes that a healthy start in life leads to a healthy future, and that chronic disease, especially in childhood, can lead to more serious problems down the line. Because of this, Dr. Fong's practice mainly focuses on treating children and adults suffering from chronic disease, and educating families about preventive care. Her special interests are chronic pediatric and adult conditions, chronic skin disease, gastrointestinal complaints, infertility, anxiety, depression, endocrine-related issues, and complex cases. 



Before becoming a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Fong worked as a researcher in labs at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Dr. Fong is the founder of MommyShape LLC and the creator of the prenatal wellness program, MommyShape Prenatal Complete. While she was in medical school, Dr. Fong assisted women through labor as a birth doula to gain more experience with pregnant women. Dr. Fong believes that these experiences have accentuated her role as naturopathic doctor and hopes that her diverse background will allow her treat people of all ages and backgrounds. Read more about Dr. Fong's story.



Dr. Fong is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the California Naturopathic Doctor Association, the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. 



Dr. Fong focuses on supporting patients through both medicine and education. Dr. Fong's free masterclass, health guides, blogs, podcast, and program promote health education for her patients and in the local community. Cleanbody is also a clinical rotation site for Stanford Medical School, and Dr. Fong enjoys sharing her clinical knowledge and experience with Stanford medical school students.

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"I was shown to care and nourish my body from the inside out, and after nearly 20 years of being on pharmaceutical, synthetic medication, I was approved by my specialists at PAMF and Stanford to trial off of my medication BECAUSE of the improvements that were made while working with Dr. Fong.


Dr. Fong works with you as an individual, and as such, you will have a unique treatment plan. The level of detail that you receive by being a patient of hers is unlike anything western medicine provides - and I can say that as someone who is closely tied to the healthcare community. If we are to truly treat patients, we must be willing to spend the time and energy on them that is required. Dr. Fong definitely puts in the time, and uses her background and spirit of research to make sure you are cared for to the best of your ability!"

Samantha S. (From Yelp)

"This Doctor is amazing! We found Dr. Fong after seeing several other Doctors for a mysterious stomach illness that our 10 year old daughter was experiencing (daily pressure and pain in the lower left side of her stomach). Previous to Dr. Fong was the Pediatric Gastro who was stumped after countless tests (blood, stool, xrays, ultrasound). She employs a variety of alternative testing and searches for things other Physicians don't. She diagnosed my daughter with leaky gut and a lack of the ability to produce enough bile from the liver. And as she promised, she cured our daughter within 4 months!!! No more daily pain. It's lifted a huge weight off of our family and for this I will forever be grateful to this Doctor and will continue to sing her praises and refer her to people."

Shakira H. (From Yelp)

"Today I'm 26 lbs lighter, my mind is healthier, I think differently about food, I make more mindful decisions & I exercise more than I have in my life. I no longer have what I nick name "my bathroom issues." My body doesn't feel bloated and I also don't crave some food that really isn't good for us.

You might say any doctor could do this, I would respectfully disagree with you. I feel like I have been on a journey for the last 10 years regarding my health & she was the cherry on top to get me to the finish line. I admit I still like my sweets & my wine, but I look at them differently & make more conscious decisions. Because of this the food, supplements & her experience has taught me differently & I feel better. No doctor has ever taken the amount of time or energy to invest in me!"


Stephanie S. (From Yelp)