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"Your child's health begins at conception. Give your child the best start in life - a natural start." - Dr. Fong


Dr. Fong's experience as a birth doula and MommyShape founder prior to becoming a naturopathic doctor inspired her to focus her practice in pediatrics, fertility & family medicine. Dr. Fong experienced with her MommyShape clients, firsthand, the difficulties with trying to conceive. Dr. Fong's naturopathic approach gets to the root-cause of the infertility issues in both men and women. Once patients become pregnant, Dr. Fong works closely with prenatal medical providers to support a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Fong also supports postpartum moms as they adjust to their new lives as mommies.


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"After having 2 miscarriages, we came to Dr. Fong. 3 months into our treatment, we got pregnant and we have a healthy & happy baby boy!"

- Mari D.

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