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Each of the classes presented in the Doctor as Teacher Lecture Series focuses on uncovering the underlying issues in some of the most common health complaints plaguing our society today. 


We all know that we can go to our doctor to get a prescription that will alleviate (and suppress) our symptoms for a period of time. This is not what our classes will cover. 


Our classes will teach you how to get to the root-cause of your health issues. You will learn how diet, lifestyle, food allergies/sensitivities, toxicity, blood type, digestion, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies affect how your body functions. We will break down the functionality of your organ systems and teach you how to start optimizing your body's functionality to overcome health imbalances.


Our lectures include:


Treating the Root-Cause

Weight Loss: The Naturopathic Approach

Adrenal Health: Why is it so important to your everyday life?

Sleep Problems & Fatigue: The Adrenal Factor

Digestive Dysfunction: Healing the Gut

Skin Conditions: Finding the Underlying Cause

Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Beyond Rx Medication

Pediatric Mental Health: Autism Spectrum, ADD, & ADHD

Fertility: Balance Brings Babies

Boosting Immunity: Prepare for Cold & Flu Season

Allergies: Finding Freedom 

Chronic Pain: Decreasing Inflammation 

Balancing Hormones: Male, Female, & Thyroid Issues

Introduction to Homeopathy

Learn How to Muscle Test! (Lecture and Hands-On Workshop)

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