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You can access our 4 month Cleanbody Program in three ways: Our Course, Coaching, and Medical Program Options. Scroll down to learn more!


Get all of the education and tools you need to clean your Detox Funnel with our educational course!

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This is right for you if you want:

  • a do-it-yourself approach

  • access to the Cleanbody Protocols & Resources


The Complete Coaching Program is a 4 month program that includes all of the support you need to achieve Cleanbody Health safely and successfully - individual visits with a Cleanbody Coach, unlimited messaging and support, weekly check-ins and coaching calls, and all of the resources and education you need to achieve Cleanbody Health!

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$2997 or $850/Month x 4

This is right for you if you want:

  • weekly coaching support

  • customized Cleanbody Protocols

  • food intolerance or environmental toxins labs


The Complete Medical Program includes everything in the Complete Coaching Program PLUS two individual visits with Dr. Fong, Dr. Fong's weekly review of your progress, unlimited messaging with Dr. Fong, and Dr. Fong's management of your Cleanbody Roadmap through your entire 4 month journey!




$3997 or $1100/Month x 4


This is right for you if you want:

  • a naturopathic medical evaluation

  • personalized treatment & customized Cleanbody Protocols

  • weekly coaching and medical support

  • medical and advanced labs


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Interested In Starting with Labs First?

Are you interested in starting with doing labs to understand the root cause of your symptoms before you take the leap? Start with a two-visit Lab Evaluation package with Dr. Fong, and then you can decide if you want to join one of our programs or continue with visit-to-visit care.

Blood Test

Lab Evaluation



This is right for you if you want:

  • medical and advanced labs

  • a naturopathic analysis of those labs

  • to discuss potential treatment based on lab findings

Still unsure which option is right for you?

Take our Assessment, Attend our Live Masterclass, or Book a Discovery Consultation with Dr. Fong!

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Fill out our 10 minute Cleanbody Assessment and find out which option is right for you based on your symptoms!


Free Live Masterclass w/ Dr. Fong


Meet Dr. Fong, learn about the Cleanbody Approach, and ask Dr. Fong all of your questions in this 50 minute Virtual Masterclass.

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In this 30 minute virtual visit with Dr. Fong, she will review your health and past labs and determine your best option.

"Working with Dr. Fong has been a game changer.  She orders the right testing to really understand what is going on.  She really understands the body and how to help it heal.  For the first time, my psoriasis is healing!"


- Kristin B., August 2022