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Physical Medicine


Dr. Fong has received extra training in the physical medicine modalities of Tui Na and Craniosacral Therapy. Both modalities are deeply transformative - physically and mentally - and Dr. Fong uses these modalities frequently in her treatment plans.  

  • Tui na is a Chinese manipulative therapy utilizing kneading, rolling, and rubbing between the joints in an effort open the chi and move the energy in the meridians of the body.    

  • Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on manipulative technique that uses light touch to identify and release any restrictions in the craniosacral rhythm. 

  • The Vis Method is a technique developed by Dr. Fong which combines elements of craniosacral therapy, tui na massage, shiatsu, and mind-body release techniques to promote relaxation, reduce muscle pain, gently manipulate bones and fascia, and release restrictions in the craniosacral rhythm. The Vis Method is great for prenatal and postnatal women and anyone with migraines, anxiety, depression, back and neck pain, and many other chronic and acute conditions.




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