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Our Programs

At Cleanbody, we provide two programs to support your health transformation. Dr. Fong designed these programs to assess your Detox Funnel, uncover the factors causing your funnel to get clogged, and then address these factors with diet and lifestyle modifications, environmental toxin clean up, emotional release therapy, detoxification, and regenerative modalities. 


Interested in joining the Cleanbody Program?
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"Thank you, Dr. Fong, for giving my health and wellness back! Not only have I lost weight and have an increase of energy, but it also has helped me to lower my blood pressure, solve my allergies and digestive problems, and boost my immune system. I feel amazing and much happier, which has shaped me to make permanent changes and have a new balance in my life."


- Evelyn B.

"Dr. Fong's Cleanbody Program (formerly the Truly Transform Program) has changed my life. I suffered from chronic migraines, eczema, intestinal discomfort, sore joints, back pain, irregular sleep, ADD, brain fog, mood swings, and lethargy. Through Dr. Fong's program, I began the process of detoxifying my body and my life, alleviating nearly all of my symptoms. I want to keep getting healthier! Now that I know what I've been doing to myself to cause my symptoms, I know how to stay healthy for life, not just for a season."

- Ben R.

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