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The lungs play a crucial role in respiratory excretion, eliminating toxins and waste products from the body through respiration. Nurturing CleanLUNGS involves understanding the mechanisms of respiratory excretion, exploring testing options to assess lung health, and implementing strategies to support healthy lung function and efficient elimination of toxins.

Why is it important to have CleanLUNGS?

  • Fuel Intake and Distribution: The lungs are responsible for the intake of oxygen, which is necessary for the production of energy in our cells. When we inhale, the lungs draw in oxygen from the air and transfer it into the bloodstream. The oxygen is then carried by red blood cells to various tissues and organs, where it is used for cellular respiration and energy production. CleanLUNGS also play a role in the removal of carbon dioxide, a waste product of cellular metabolism, during exhalation.

  • Toxin and Waste Elimination: The lungs also participate in the elimination of toxins and waste from the body. As we breathe, the lungs filter out airborne particles, pollutants, and toxins that we may inhale. Tiny hair-like structures called cilia line the airways and help trap foreign particles, which are then expelled through mechanisms such as coughing and sneezing. Additionally, the lungs aid in the elimination of carbon dioxide, a waste product generated by our cells, during exhalation.



How does the Cleanbody Method support CleanLUNGS?

There are three steps in the Cleanbody Method, and all of the steps support CleanLUNGS.



It is important for you to evaluate your lung health on a yearly basis with your healthcare practitioner. In our CleanSTART program, we will support you in investigating your lung health using lab tests such as:

  • Pulmonary Function Tests: Pulmonary function tests, such as spirometry, measure lung capacity, airflow, and other parameters to assess lung function. These tests can help identify potential respiratory issues or abnormalities that may affect the lungs' ability to eliminate toxins effectively.




In Step 2 of the Cleanbody Method, we support you in optimizing your Cleanbody Pillars. The following Cleanbody Pillars support CleanLUNGS:


  • CleanENVIRO: Minimize exposure to environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke, air pollutants, allergens, and occupational hazards, as they can impair lung function and hinder the elimination of toxins. Ensure proper ventilation in indoor environments and use protective measures, such as masks or respirators, when necessary. Keep indoor spaces clean and well-ventilated to reduce the presence of airborne pollutants and improve the quality of the air you breathe. Regularly clean air filters, avoid smoking indoors, and consider using air purifiers or plants that help purify the air.

  • CleanFIT: Engaging in regular aerobic exercise can enhance lung capacity, improve respiratory muscle strength, and support healthy lung function. Activities like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming can promote lung health and facilitate toxin elimination.


In Step 3, we will explore additional supplements and treatments that can provide support in nurturing CleanLUNGS, if needed. While a balanced diet and lifestyle are key, certain circumstances may benefit from additional interventions, including nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathy, advanced nutrition plans, supportive treatments, and compounded medications when available for use. 



Remember, the information provided here is for general guidance, and individual circumstances may vary. Consult with our Cleanbody Team in one of our CleanSTART Programs to receive personalized recommendations and support tailored to your specific needs.


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