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Blood Test


Specialty labs can be very important in diagnosing more advanced dysfunction such as heavy metal toxicity, mold illness, parasite infections, autoimmune disease, and hormone dysfunction. Dr. Fong will assess you to see if you require Specialty labs at your Discovery Consultation.



Click on a lab below to learn more about the labs we offer at Cleanbody.

Organ Health

  • Comprehensive Bloodwork (Quest or LabCorp)

  • Comprehensive Thyroid Testing (Quest or LabCorp)

  • Autoimmune Disease Screen (Quest or LabCorp)

  • Hormones

*Some of these labs are billed to insurance (Quest and LabCorp) and some must be paid out of pocket. We work with labs to offer discounted lab fees. For most of these labs, you must be a current California resident for Dr. Fong to order them for you. If you do not live in California, Dr. Fong can make lab recommendations for you and your doctor.

Lab Info


See what our patients have to say about Specialty Lab Testing!

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