Michelle Fong
Director of Operations

There is something inherently noble about helping people in the most difficult moments of their lives. This is what Michelle found to be the most valuable part of working in healthcare.


Michelle graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a major in Sociology and minor in Dance. She has spent the last few years working in several demanding administrative fields, as well as a $1 billion unicorn startup tech company here in the Silicon Valley. Her administrative experience working in the Dean’s office of the LMU Business School, allows her to understand what it takes for an office to be run efficiently for the benefit of its clientele. This past year she managed the channel sales operations system, while assisting the Vice President at Zoom Video Communications. In addition to managing Cleanbody, she is currently pursuing a career as a music artist here in the Bay Area. If you are not seeing her bubbly personality and bright smile here in the office, then you might see her on stage singing her heart out at your local cafe.


Michelle’s goal is to make all patients feel welcome and cared for, like they have a family here at Cleanbody. She believes going to the doctor should not only be beneficial and effective, but always a positive experience. She dedicates herself to making our patients’ health care process as enjoyable as possible. Michelle holds a very high level of customer service to her clients/patients and believes a hardworking, kind attitude is contagious. She believes we must understand our patients holistically, and our knowledge of the patient must extend beyond the boundaries of traditional service criteria. Truly understanding their needs, wants, and expectations is key to creating a personal and positive experience. Michelle’s professionalism and desire to go above and beyond for our patients, makes her a great asset to the Cleanbody team.

Ruby Uribe, CMA

Front/Back Office Coordinator

Medical Assistant

Ruby is our certified medical assistant here at Cleanbody. She started as an intern from the Institute of Business and Technology, where she received her National Certification in Medical Assisting. While in the process of her internship completion she joined the Cleanbody family in December of 2018. Before her journey through vocational school Ruby worked as a qualified preschool teacher with over 12 years of experience in early childhood education. Since changing careers Ruby has found that being a medical assistant has become one of the most rewarding careers, as she works closely with the doctor and patients exhibiting professionalism and humbleness. As much as Ruby loves her job, she also enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter going on hikes, dancing, or playing softball. Already acquiring a certificate in medical front office work, Ruby is currently working to obtain certification in other areas of the medical field. Ruby loves the relationships she has built with the patients, doctor and staff here at Cleanbody and hopes to grow with the practice. Her big and bright smile, outgoing personality, and professionalism has given her the ability to make anyone who comes through our door feel welcome, making her a great asset to the Cleanbody team. 

Jessica Nguyen, CHC
Certified Health Coach
Program Coordinator
Medical Assistant

Jessica is a Medical Assistant, Program Coordinator, and Certified Health Coach at Cleanbody. She has always had an affinity for helping people. Jessica started her career pursuing to become a nurse. While studying and working as a certified nurse aide, she realized her true passion was preventative care and health promotion. Jessica has a bachelor's degree in Dietetics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and has worked at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children as a dietician aide. While she was in college she interned for the Hawaii State Department of Health and worked on state-wide projects to promote health and nutrition. She is currently studying to become a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


Jessica wants to help people achieve their most optimal health in a way that extends not just their lifespan but their health-span. She is happy to join the NaturalStart family who aligns with her passion for health and helping people. She believes that health is a balance between the mind, body, and soul and is excited to be the first Health Coach for Dr. Fong’s Cleanbody program! 

When Jessica is not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her son and husband. She is originally from Hawaii and has been enjoying exploring California with her family and friends. Whether in her professional career or her personal life, Jessica is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and strives to help others do the same in their path to optimal health.

Julian Pascual
Medical Technician

Julian is our part-time medical technician at Cleanbody. As a survivor of a traumatic head injury, he knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and understands the difficulties of not having control over one's health. After ineffective attempts to recover his health through traditional methods, he forayed and found success in the naturopathic approach to healing.


As an aspiring radiologist, Julian is beginning his career in the medical field, exploring the many aspects of patient care. He knows that ensuring patient satisfaction is the first step to patient healing. Julian wants his patients to feel at ease and comfortable whenever under his care.  Through his Kinesiology degree, he has gained an understanding of human physiology, and wants to express the connection between body and health. Working with Dr. Fong, he is learning of "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" - the healing power of nature and ways to facilitate the body's inherent ability to restore and maintain. In both his personal ambitions and academic pursuits, Julian strives at achieving a healthy mind and lifestyle.


As a part of Cleanbody, Julian hopes to aid in the process of creating a healing internal and external environment.