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Breast Thermography

Thermography is a non-invasive, FDA approved screening procedure which utilizes a specialized camera that captures infrared images of various parts of the body. It is used as a tool for detecting and monitoring various diseases and physical injuries. These are highlighted as thermal abnormalities when analyzed. This information will lend your doctor valuable information on areas of your body that need extra support and balance. 


Breast thermography is a adjunct form of imaging which can offer breast cancer risk assessment by evaluation of 147 points throughout the breast without radiation exposure. The procedure is based on the principle that chemical and blood vessel activity in pre-cancerous and cancerous breast tissue is almost always higher than normal breast tissue. This is due to the fact that pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue is more metabolically active and thus offer thermal changes upon examination. By careful examination signs of possible cancer growth can be detected years before a diagnosis is made. Thus, offering earlier opportunities for intervention. When utilized with a mammogram and breast exam the accuracy for catching early stage cancers are 95-98%. 


The procedure is painless and non invasive. Additionally, there is no radiation exposure at any point in process. Results will be analyzed by a consulting doctor. 


Some applications for thermography are: 

  • Breast and skin cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Pre-stroke

  • Inflammation

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Periodontal disease

  • Bursitis 

  • Infectious disease

  • Sprain, strains, and tears

  • Lumbo-sacral dysfunction 

  • Nerve impingements/ entrapments

  • TMJ

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Disc disease, herniations and ruptures

  • Dystrophy

  • Headache evaluation 



Bilateral View of Healthy Breast

Upper & Lower Body Application

Lymph Congestion in Chest

Thermography Prices


Thermography for Non-Patients or Patients: includes a 30 minute thermography session ($285), and a 15 minute consultation ($100) with one of our doctors to discuss your results. 


Thermography for Patients: includes a 30 minute thermography session ($285). Your results and treatment will be discussed at your next appointment with your naturopathic doctor.


Thermography appointments are offered on the first friday of every month. Please call (650) 396-7117 to schedule your appointment.

Deborah Ardell Hill



Ardell is pleased to be offering Thermography services at NaturalStart once a month, on the first Friday of each month.


What got me into Thermography?


I began looking for an alternative or complement to mammograms after having 2 of them. I had an experience with a doctor that insisted that I needed a biopsy to determine if a rash on my areola was breast cancer or eczema. I told him I was 99% sure that it was eczema and showed him the eczema on my hand to compare.

After the biopsy, he stated that he was 95% sure that it was it was just eczema but needed the imaging and the biopsy to be ‘absolutely sure’ what it was. After finding Thermography, I realized that the thermal imaging could have saved me from needing the invasive biopsy. I asked the thermography practitioner how I could become a thermography technician. With my background as a massage therapist for 23 years, I knew it would be a perfect fit. That was 10 years ago, and I love what I do as a Thermographer.

Why am I passionate about Thermography?


I lost my Sister to breast cancer, as she was unwilling to go to the doctor to determine what was going on with her breast. By the time she went, she had 4th stage breast cancer that had metastasized to the bone. I knew then that I wanted to support people, long before they got to where my sister was before she died. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am now beginning to offer talks to educate people, especially young women who are at risk before they turn 40. There are statistics that 20-40% of women develop breast cancer before the age of 40 and

they are not being screened.

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