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Toxicology involves the study of the adverse effects of harmful

substances and the practice of diagnosing and treating 

exposures to these toxins and toxicants. Harmful substances include heavy metals, chemicals, and biotoxins released by pathogenic microbes.


Toxin overload leads to overburden of the detoxification pathways and congestion of the organs of detoxification (liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system). This, in turn, affects every other organ system and biochemical pathway, including those involving endocrine hormones and neurotransmitter function. Toxin overload is the leading cause of every chronic illness. 

Our goal is to identify the toxins and/or toxicants with specialized testing, optimize the organs of elimination and drainage, supplement with the essential nutrients for detoxification, and then eliminate the identified toxins and or/toxicants to restore optimal overall function. 



Toxicology Diseases We Treat

Toxicology Treatment

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