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What is the Detox Funnel &

Why Do We Need to Flush it Out?

The "Detox Funnel" is Dr. Fong's metaphor for the liver, gallbladder and all the detoxification pathways. Every toxin you eat, breathe, and touch gets metabolized through this funnel, including dietary fats and hormones, such as estrogen. These toxins are then excreted out of your body through urine, bile and stool.





















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The "size" of your funnel is determined by genetics and stress. Although you are born with a specific funnel size, your diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors can expose you to a variety of harmful toxins, which not only "clog" your funnel, but also cause it to get "smaller." This leads to an increased load of toxins AND a decreased ability to filter through these toxins.

When your funnel is full, the toxins cannot leave the body. Instead, they recirculate through the system, causing toxic burden. This increased toxin load triggers an alarm system, which manifests as bodily symptoms. The alarm system usually starts in the least important organs, such as the skin, fat, joints, and muscles, manifesting as diseases such as eczema, obesity and arthritis. If this continues, the toxins eventually infiltrate the more important organs, leading to chronic diseases and organ damage.

In the Truly Transform Program, you will learn how to stop and reverse this process. In Phase 1, you will learn how to identify and eliminate the stressors clogging your funnel. In Phase 2, you will learn how to flush out a decade's worth of toxins. Once this is accomplished and symptoms subside, Dr. Fong will then teach you how to maintain a clean funnel to prevent disease and optimize health for the long term.



For 4 weeks, you will clean up all the toxins in your diet and lifestyle, and then the grand finale of this 6 week program is a protocol that ends in a LIVER & GALLBLADDER FLUSH - a physical flush and detox of your liver, gallbladder, and colon giving you a deeper cleanse than you have ever experienced before. The liver & gallbladder flush is a safe and effective way to clean out these toxins and restore optimal function in the body.

This procedure is similar to flushing out your transmission fluid in your car. If you fail to do a flush every couple thousand miles, your car would break down; like our cars, our bodies create chronic disease and break down when we accumulate toxins in our bodies.

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