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Why Choose Truly Transform?


High Levels of SUCCESS!

Truly Transform is not your average juice cleanse or detox-in-a-box. Dr. Fong has designed this program after years of clinical research with her chronically ill patients. With her guidance, you will safely and effectively achieve your health goals. If you have not found the answers you are looking for, or have tried detox or diet programs that didn't work or didn't stick, it is likely because you did not get to the root cause.

Dr. Fong will help you get to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and make the impossible, POSSIBLE. She has developed a bulletproof recipe to truly transform your health. The recipe is simple - stop filling the "funnel", FLUSH it out, and everything in your body will start working the way it was designed to! Click here to learn more about what the "Detox Funnel" is! Once this has been achieved, it is much easier to maintain optimal levels of health and TRULY TRANSFORM. Not just for a couple weeks, but for a lifetime.
















Four Necessary Parts.

There are four necessary parts to your health transformation:












Part One: Assess & Set Goals

In order to transform, you need to know your current health state. You will complete a health and emotional assessment, perform at-home physical tests (with a partner) and an at-home urine test, and set your goals for the program.

Part Two: Phase 1 - DETOX

Phase 1 is a four week preparation period for the flush, where you will change your diet and daily lifestyle habits, take supportive detoxification supplements, and clean up all of the toxic exposures causing a burden on your system. Dr. Fong will lead you through an assessment of these exposures, including dental toxins, biotoxins from microbes such as mold, food toxins, electromagnetic field toxicity, environmental toxins in your home, emotional toxicity, and more.


Part Three: Phase 2 - FLUSH

After four weeks of preparation, Dr. Fong will help you assess whether you are ready to move on to Phase 2. In Phase 2, Dr. Fong will lead you through a flush of your "detox funnel." This is a two week protocol where you will complete a more rigorous diet, including a one to three day liquid fast. You will also take detoxification herbs and supplements to "flush" your liver, gallbladder, and colon, releasing a decade's worth of toxins and congested bile. Click here to see what gets flushed out during Phase 2.

Part Four: Re Assess & Maintain

After you have completed Phase 1 and 2, you will re-assess your health and Dr. Fong will help you determine if you need to repeat Phase 2. Those with moderate to high symptoms need to repeat Phase 2 until their "detox funnel" is completely clean and they are symptom-free. Once your funnel is clean, Dr. Fong will teach you how to maintain your transformation and empower you to stay healthy for decades to come.

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