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California Proposition 65

What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 was enacted by a voter ballot initiative, not the California Legislature. This law requires companies to provide clear warnings about the presence of any one of over 800 chemicals, including chemicals that occur naturally in the environment. California has a formal process for adding these chemicals to the Proposition 65 list, including through reports based on animal studies. In many instances, these animal studies involve extremely high dosages of chemicals. There are many substances that require the California Proposition 65 warning at levels that are far more stringent than federal action limits. A Proposition 65 warning does not automatically mean that the product is unsafe. Although its intentions were good, Proposition 65 has brought about unforeseen consequences. For instance, it requires a warning on supplements - especially raw, unrefined herbal supplements - when food escapes the warning requirements of Proposition 65 because there are generally no directions attached to the container your food comes in directing you to eat a certain amount per day. This regulation applies only to supplements sold in the state of California. To our knowledge, no other state or country has enacted such stringent requirements.

Why is there a Prop 65 warning label on some of our products?
Proposition 65 is a California law that requires a warning on any products containing qualifying levels of over 800 substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, and even Vitamin A at certain levels. As a rule of thumb, raw herbs taken in large quantities, may require this warning because of the presence of certain listed chemicals, such as lead, that are widely distributed throughout the environment. As a result, many of these chemicals are found in commonly eaten raw and unprocessed foods throughout the food supply, even though these chemicals are not intentionally added to foods or nutritional supplements. In keeping with Cleanbody's commitment to quality, we favor raw and unprocessed herbs over refined, extracted herbs because extracts are often contaminated with solvents. Please note that every product sold on our Cleanbody Dispensary complies with Proposition 65 when taken according to the directions on the label.

We use the purest ingredients available, but lead is everywhere in our environment and is impossible to avoid in many natural, plant-based ingredients. That’s because lead is found in the soil where the plants are grown and, therefore, it is present in virtually all plant-based foods.

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Does a Prop 65 warning mean the product is unsafe?
No. As the State of California’s own Proposition 65 website states, “A Proposition 65 warning
does not necessarily mean a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or

FDA vs Proposition 65

In comparison to FDA, Proposition 65 requires a warning at 0.5 mcg per day, FDA’s Recommended Safe and Tolerable Daily Diet Lead Intake for adults is 75 mcg. This level is 15,000% lower than the FDA limits for adults. The FDA has established 750 mcg as the amount of lead that is known to cause health problems. This is 1,500 times the amount that requires a Prop 65 warning.

Important Points to Takeaway

• Cleanbody formulas and other products sold on our Cleanbody Dispensary follow the strictest possible practices for purity—from procurement of raw materials to production of finished products.

• Cleanbody formulas and other products sold on our Cleanbody Dispensary meet the purity criteria of FDA and Proposition 65 when taken per label directions.


If you need additional information or have any questions or concerns, please contact us at We value our customers and wish to keep you as informed as possible.

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