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From air quality and exposure to toxins to the harmony of your living space, the CleanENVIRO pillar guides you through understanding, optimizing, and supporting a clean and nurturing environment. In this Cleanbody Pillar, we uncover the ways in which your surroundings influence your health and discover strategies to create a space that promotes your optimal well-being.

Why is a CleanENVIRO so Important?

CleanENVIRO is about creating a supportive environment that promotes your health and vitality by minimizing exposure to environmental toxins. By reducing your contact with harmful substances in your surroundings, you can create a space that fosters overall well-being. This pillar is crucial because:

  • Toxin Avoidance: Environmental toxins are pervasive and can accumulate in your body over time, potentially leading to various health issues. By minimizing exposure to toxins, you support your body's natural detoxification processes and reduce the burden on your organs.

  • Health Protection: Many environmental toxins are linked to health problems, including respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, and more. Taking steps to create a cleaner environment can help protect your health and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Supporting Cleanbody Pillars: A clean environment complements other Cleanbody Pillars. For instance, avoiding toxins supports CleanFOOD by preventing the ingestion of harmful chemicals through food and beverages. It also aligns with CleanAIR by ensuring the air you breathe is free from pollutants that could impact your respiratory health.

  • Overall Wellness: A clean environment can positively influence your mental and emotional well-being. Being surrounded by a space that is free from clutter and toxins can contribute to a sense of calm and tranquility.


How does the Cleanbody Method support the CleanENVIRO Pillar?

The Cleanbody Method offers a holistic approach to supporting environmental wellness through its three steps:


Assessing your environment is essential to understanding potential toxin exposures and making informed decisions. In our CleanSTART program, we guide you through evaluating your environment:

  • Home Assessment: Our Cleanbody Team can provide guidance on identifying potential sources of environmental toxins in your living space. This may include evaluating cleaning products, personal care items, household materials, and more.

  • Air Quality: Testing indoor air quality can reveal pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, and allergens. A healthier indoor environment supports CleanAIR and overall well-being.

  • Water Quality: Assessing the quality of your water supply is crucial. Testing for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other pollutants helps you ensure that your water is safe for consumption and daily use.

  • EMF Exposure: Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electronic devices can impact your health. Evaluating and reducing EMF exposure supports CleanTECH and the balance of your body's natural rhythms.



CleanENVIRO can be achieved through conscious choices and lifestyle adjustments that minimize toxin exposure:

  • Non-Toxic Products: Opt for eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, personal care items, and household goods to reduce chemical exposure.

  • Natural Air Purification: Incorporate indoor plants that help purify the air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen. Improve ventilation by opening windows and using air purifiers.

  • Filtered Water: Invest in a high-quality water filter to remove impurities from your drinking water, ensuring it's free from contaminants.

  • EMF Awareness: Be mindful of your electronic device usage and consider implementing EMF-reducing strategies, such as using airplane mode and reducing screen time.



While lifestyle changes are the foundation of CleanENVIRO, there are situations where additional support can further enhance your efforts:

  • Professional Guidance: Consulting with our Cleanbody Team can provide insights into creating a healthier living environment. 

  • Home Upgrades: Consider making home improvements that reduce toxin exposure, such as updating insulation, choosing low-VOC paint, and using natural building materials.

  • Mindful Choices: Continuously evaluate your surroundings and make conscious choices that align with CleanENVIRO. Regularly reassessing your living space helps maintain a clean and toxin-free environment.



Remember, the information provided here is for general guidance, and individual circumstances may vary. Consult with our Cleanbody Team in one of our CleanSTART Programs to receive personalized recommendations and support tailored to your specific needs.


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