Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

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I'm Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND. I became a naturopathic doctor after struggling with severe eczema, IBS, and migraines for over 25 years.

In my search to heal myself, I studied molecular cell biology at UC Berkeley, worked as a researcher in labs at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and finally, attended naturopathic medical school at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.

With my background and education, I combined the science of conventional medicine with the wisdom of traditional therapies to uncover and heal the root cause of my health issues. Today, I am completely eczema, IBS, and migraine-free. 


Through my healing journey, I developed the Cleanbody theories and protocols that are the cornerstone of the Cleanbody Program. With these protocols, I have supported hundreds of patients in my practice to conquer their symptoms and achieve Cleanbody Health. 

Learn more about me here and watch my story below! I look forward to supporting you in journey to Cleanbody Health!

Yours in health,

Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

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As you can see, I have been in your shoes - on a mission to find the answers and get to the root cause. I'm so excited that you have found Cleanbody and I can't wait to share all of the Cleanbody information with you! There are two ways to meet me virtually to see if this is the right journey for you. 

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I offer a free live masterclass twice a month, where I introduce you to all of the Cleanbody Protocols and answer all of your questions live!


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Discovery Consultation



If you do not want to wait for my next live masterclass and/or you would like to meet me individually to discuss your situation, then you can schedule a 30 minute virtual discovery consultation with me. I will review your health history and Cleanbody Assessment and let you know if the Cleanbody Program is right for you.

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