Testimonial Disclaimer

(The Truly Transform Program is now the Cleanbody Program)

Ben talks about eczema, swelling, headaches, low-energy, anger, and his addiction to self-medications before the Truly Transform program.

"Dr. Fong's Truly Transform Program has changed my life. I suffered from chronic migraines, eczema, intestinal discomfort, sore joints, back pain, irregular sleep, ADD, brain fog, mood swings, and lethargy. I wasn't the only one suffering, either. My wife and family found it difficult to be around me.


Through Dr. Fong's program, I began the process of detoxifying my body and my life, alleviating nearly all of my symptoms. I want to keep getting healthier! Now that I know what I've been doing to myself to cause my symptoms, I know how to stay healthy for life, not just for a season."

- Ben R., Truly Transform Graduate July 2019

Noelle talks about how the Truly Transform program addressed her itchy skin, fatigue, inability to sleep, headaches, stomach pain, and emotional distress.

Larry talks about his weight loss and overcoming gut issues, inflammation, low-energy, and headaches after completing the Truly Transform program.

Jennifer talks about her weight loss, increase in energy, and lifestyle changes after completing the Truly Transform program.

Evelyn reflects on her difficulty regulating her blood pressure, weight, and energy levels before completing the Truly Transform Program.

"Thank you Truly Transform for giving my health and wellness back! Not only have I lost weight and have an increase of energy, but it also has helped me to lower my blood pressure, solve my allergies and digestive problems, and boost my immune system. Through the program I have gained incredible knowledge and deeper awareness around my relationship with food and my body. I feel amazing and much happier, which has shaped me to make permanent changes and have a new balance in my life."


- Evelyn B., Truly Transform Graduate, July 2019

Dr. Fong breaks down her own experience with eczema and heavy metal toxicity and why she created Truly Transform after the liver/gallbladder flush changed her life. 


"I have spent my whole life tying to heal and move on from sustained childhood abuse and trauma, difficult dietary issues and sensitivities, as well as the PTSD that came from abusive teen and adult relationships. I have gone to therapy and participated in self healing exercises. I eat very healthy and practice yoga. But I still felt a tremendous weight that I could not get rid of. I had also begun to have very uncomfortable perimenopausal symptoms. These symptoms included a very dark depression. I went to Kaiser, and all they offered were prescription drugs. I know myself well enough that choosing that path would not help me find a resolution I could live with. And I needed help. NOW. Through the Emotion Code Therapy with Dr. Fong, I was able to let go of ALL the old hurt that I did not realize I was still carrying. I released all the past shame that was not mine! I let go of so much hurt and baggage! When I did this my body functions improved immediately! I lost 2 pant sizes! With the support of carefully chosen supplements, all my organs began to do the job they were made for! I completed the cleanse, and felt the heaviness that had been following me for so many years lift away. With this came a greater awareness of my needs and the changes that I needed to make in my life to live well. I have left the abusive relationship that I was in. I am leaving the dead end job that was sucking the life out of me. I am moving forward in my life journey with out fear of the unknown. I feel strong. I know that this was made possible because of Dr. Fong and her amazing team. I will always be grateful to her, she saved my life."

     - Kathleen H., Truly Transform Graduate, January 2021

"I was ready for a change and decided to try the Truly Transform program. I’m so glad I did, it completely transformed my life. After just one cleanse I lost 12 lbs and managed to keep the weight off. This program reset my entire system and my usual cravings like sugar, carbs, alcohol and coffee have significantly decreased. I feel strong, clear minded and energized. It essentially got rid of my toxins and the program gave me a clean slate to work with. I am now more in tune with my body and am more aware of how certain foods will make me feel. I’ve been able to stay on a clean diet and intend to keep it that way. I’ll be doing another cleanse this Fall!"

     - Vanessa R., Truly Transform Graduate, July 2019