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In addition to the Cleanliver Diet, there are supplements that can help support the two phases of liver detoxification, regenerate and protect liver cells, stimulate and increase the overall activity of the liver and gallbladder, and stimulate and support digestion. These are the supplements included in the Cleanliver Protocol:


  • Cleanliver Formula
  • Tox Clear (2 bottles)
  • Cellular Health


In order to access the Cleanliver Protocol, you must join one of the Cleanbody programs. 


Cleanliver Kit

  • You should always consult with an appropriately licensed
    healthcare professional about interactions between medications you are taking and dietary and herbal supplements and the appropriateness of any supplements for your health condition. Cleanbody does not represent or warrant that any particular supplement is safe, appropriate, or effective for you.  Additionally, you should always read any information provided by the product manufacturer and any product label or packaging prior to use.

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