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This product has been discontinued. Please contact your Cleanbody team for a replacement product.


Immune Rescue Kid’s synergistic formula significantly boosts immune cell function by enhancing barrier function, activating the antibody response, and speeding up natural killer (NK) cell and T-cell activation. ViraKid contains elderberry and astragalus along with key nutrients necessary for optimal immune function, such as zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A. 

Immune Rescue Kids

$34.95 Regular Price
$24.47Sale Price
    • Vitamin A 
    • Vitamin C
    • Zinc 
    • European Elder Berry Extract 
    • Astragalus membranaceus Root Extract
    • Natural Cane Sugar
    • Xylitol
    • Natural Flavors
    • Luo Han Guo Extract (Fruit)
    • Sodium Stearyl Fumarate
    • Citric Acid 
    • Malic Acid
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