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CleanCARE Wellness

After you have completed our introductory CleanSTART Wellness Program, you graduate to CleanCARE and/or CleanESSENTIALS. Scroll down to learn more.

The CleanCARE Wellness membership is a monthly concierge-level membership that includes everything you need to support you through active care with your CB Nutritionist. Your CB Nutritionist may recommend this option to you if you need active support during your Cleanbody Protocols.

CleanCARE Wellness


CleanCARE Wellness


This is a complete 1 month package that includes:

  • 1 Month access to journaling in CB app

  • 1 Month access to Cleanbody education modules

  • Weekly CleanCARE Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Journal and Update Review

  • Direct Messaging with your CB Nutritionist

  • 1 Wellness Visit with CB Nutritionist


*Purchase 4 months or more and receive 10% off



Once you have achieved a Cleanbody, you can join the CleanESSENTIALS to get continued access to the Cleanbody App and Educational Modules, and book visits with your CB Nutritionist as needed. Your CB Nutritionist may also recommend this option if you do not need active support or if this option works better financially.





This is our basic membership that includes:

  • access to purchasing visits with  CB Nutritionist or Dr. Fong

  • access to purchasing weekly coaching calls

  • access to journaling in CB app

  • access to Cleanbody education modules



Wellness Visits


Wellness visits are virtual visits with a CB Nutritionist/Wellness Coach. These are 50 minute visits. 


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