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Your physical fitness forms the foundation of your overall well-being. The CleanFIT Pillar is dedicated to supporting your physical vitality, strength, and endurance through regular exercise and movement. By embracing an active lifestyle and making fitness a priority, you contribute to a healthier body and a more vibrant life.

Why is Cultivating Optimal Fitness Important?

Physical fitness encompasses your cardiovascular health, muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance. Prioritizing fitness through the CleanFIT Pillar offers numerous benefits:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Regular cardiovascular exercise improves heart health, enhances circulation, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Muscular Strength: Building and maintaining muscle strength supports posture, balance, and overall functionality. Strong muscles also play a role in maintaining healthy metabolism and body composition.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility exercises enhance joint mobility, reduce the risk of injuries, and support overall comfort in daily movements.

  • Endurance: Endurance training improves your body's ability to sustain physical activities, promoting stamina and reducing fatigue.

  • Mental Well-being: Physical activity has positive effects on mental health by promoting the release of endorphins, which contribute to improved mood and reduced stress.



How does the Cleanbody Method support the CleanFIT Pillar?

The Cleanbody Method takes a comprehensive approach to physical fitness through its three steps:



Assessing your current physical fitness level is a crucial starting point. Our CleanSTART program provides a CleanFIT Assessment to evaluate your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, and overall physical capabilities. This assessment provides insights into your fitness baseline and helps identify areas that may need improvement.



Optimizing the CleanFIT Pillar involves incorporating regular physical activity and exercise into your routine:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Engaging in activities like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming improves cardiovascular health, boosts endurance, and supports weight management.

  • Strength Training: Incorporating resistance exercises such as weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, or resistance bands enhances muscular strength and metabolism.

  • Flexibility and Mobility: Regular stretching and flexibility exercises improve joint range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and promote overall comfort in movements.

  • Active Lifestyle: Embracing an active lifestyle includes integrating movement into your daily routine, such as taking the stairs, walking, or biking for short distances, and avoiding prolonged periods of sitting.



While consistent physical activity is key to optimal fitness, there are times when additional support can enhance your fitness journey:

  • Personalized Exercise Plans: Tailored exercise plans consider your fitness goals, preferences, and any specific needs. Whether you're aiming to build strength, improve cardiovascular health, or achieve a specific fitness milestone, personalized plans offer a roadmap for success.

  • Nutritional Supplementation: Nutritional supplements can complement your fitness efforts by providing essential nutrients that support muscle recovery, energy production, and overall well-being. 

  • Supportive Treatments: In some cases, additional treatments can help you overcome challenges and enhance your fitness progress. Techniques like PEMF, red light therapy, IR Sauna, and soaking baths can address muscle imbalances, alleviate soreness, and optimize your overall physical function.



Remember, the information provided here is for general guidance, and individual circumstances may vary. Consult with our Cleanbody Team to receive personalized recommendations and support tailored to your specific needs.


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