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Infrared Sauna TIPS

What to Wear?:

Anything you feel comfortable SWEATING in, such as a bathing suit, workout clothes, or nothing! You will be in a private room just for you!

  • Stay well hydrated. Drink liquids prior to and after your session.

  • Don’t let yourself get overheated.

  • Core body temperatures of children, the elderly and the infirm can rise more quickly than those of adults. To reduce the risk of injury, do not allow children, the elderly or infirm to use the sauna unless they are closely supervised. 

  • Taking a shower or bath before a sauna session tends to increase perspiration as bathing opens the pores.

  • Limit food intake an hour before your sauna session. Your body will be able to detox more effectively because it will not be using that energy for digestion.

  • Towel off during your session. This will help the body perspire more freely.

  • To relieve sore and tight muscles, massage those areas for faster healing and effectiveness.

  • Oil and lotions tend to decrease perspiration by blocking pores. Apply these after your session for best results.

  • Some minerals can be lost in perspiration. Eating a sensible diet including fruits and green leafy vegetables will replace these. Supplements can also be taken to replenish minerals.

  • At the first sign of cold or flu, increasing your sauna sessions may be beneficial in boosting your immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of the viruses. Consult your physician for the proper treatment for this, or any other condition.

  • As you become more heat conditioned *, you may wish to increase the length of your IR sauna session. This is especially useful for soft tissue therapy. (Make sure to stay hydrated.)

  • Never sleep inside the sauna while the unit is in full operation.

  • Do not use the sauna following strenuous exercise. Wait at least 15 minutes to allow the body to cool down completely.


* Heat acclimatization, hyperthermic conditioning and hormesis are all significant benefits from sauna therapy. This phenomenon of increased fitness from heat exposure is demonstrated in many clinical references.

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