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Multiple Mineral formula is a combination of micro and macro minerals in optimal balance to provide a stable foundation for daily mineral needs. This unique silica based Multiple Mineral formula provides the proper foundation for the body to function optimally and fully utilize other nutrients necessary for overall health and vitality.* Calcium and Magnesium are kept in a 1:1 ratio. Zinc and Manganese are blended so as not to imbalance each other. Boron is utilized with Silica in proportion to Calcium and Magnesium. Iron is included with careful attention to Zinc and Manganese. Iodine, Potassium, Chromium, Selenium and Sulfur complete the formula within the current acceptable guidelines for mineral balance.

Multiple Mineral Liquid

    • Calcium
    • Iron 
    • Iodine
    • Magnesium 
    • Zinc 
    • Selenium 
    • Manganese 
    • Chromium 
    • Potassium
    • Silica
    • Sulfur 
    • Boron 
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