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Tori Taggart, MS, CNS

Cleanbody Practitioner & Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Specialist

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Getting to Know Tori

Tori Taggart, MS, CNS grew up in the Midwest but for many years, called the Rocky Mountains of Colorado “home.” She has recently relocated to Texas on a small farm with her husband and 2 children. In addition to her passion for nutrition, Tori loves the outdoors. She spends her free time hiking, lifting weights, reading, and spending time with her family.

Tori Taggart, MS, CNS is a Certified Nutrition Specialist practitioner with a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Health. She works with clients to understand their unique bio-individual differences. Tori has helped hundreds of clients achieve success in their health journeys and make long-lasting changes by using an evidence-based holistic approach to uncover and address root causes of dysfunction.


Tori completed her Masters of Science at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. In addition to her holistic nutrition and integrative health training, she has completed additional training in gut health and immunology.

History & Specialties

Tori is passionate that everything we need for physical health is available in the natural resources around us: food, water, plants, nature, exercise, lifestyle choices, stress management, connection to others, etc. She believes that food is medicine and after going
through her own health journey, she was drawn to help others in their pursuit of wellness with particular interest in gut health, ADHD, autoimmunity, skin conditions, and stress/anxiety.

Tori has worked with a variety of clients with chronic and complex health conditions. Tori has a knack for listening and loves to meet people where they are at in their journeys. She finds that true healing is possible when addressing all parts of a client: mind, body, and spirit. Tori has extensive experience in private practice, large and small group education, lab assessment and a unique variety of clinical work.

Tori Taggart, MS, CNS is a member of the American Nutrition Association.

Meet Tori!


Tori was INCREDIBLE! She was very knowledgable and made me feel like she cared about my concerns and health. I appreciated all the effort and time she put into my health plan. She went above and beyond and I am very grateful. - MB 6/11/2023

Thank you Coach Tori! Your support through the program was unmatched. You were super supportive and encouraging through times of weakness. Your tools and quick resources helped me stay on or get back on track. I truly loved our conversations and will miss them. 

Gaining knowledge that I will last a lifetime. Tori was the best coach for me. I am so glad I had the pleasure working with her. She was super responsive and provided tools and resources when needed. I enjoyed our time together and will truly miss them. - Ashley A. 10/02/2023


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