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Dr. Fong is a licensed naturopathic doctor in California. If you have severe symptoms or want medical support (visits and labs) as you go through your Complete Program, you can add on medical support with Dr. Fong if you live in California. 


Add 4 Medical Visits

Available to California Residents

Add four virtual medical visits with Dr. Fong to your Complete Program so that she can assess your health, order labs, and then customize your Cleanbody Protocols based on your lab findings. Dr. Fong will also be able to prescribe the Advanced Cleanbody Protocols such as the Cleanmold, Cleanmetals, and Cleanparasite Protocols. If you are interested in this program AND you live in California, please schedule a discovery consultation with Dr. Fong to get started.

Use your FSA/HSA Card!

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"Dr. Fong's Cleanbody Program has changed my life. I suffered from chronic migraines, eczema, intestinal discomfort, sore joints, back pain, irregular sleep, ADD, brain fog, mood swings, and lethargy. I wasn't the only one suffering, either. My wife and family found it difficult to be around me.


Through Dr. Fong's program, I began the process of detoxifying my body and my life, alleviating nearly all of my symptoms. I want to keep getting healthier! Now that I know what I've been doing to myself to cause my symptoms, I know how to stay healthy for life, not just for a season."


Ben R., Truly Transform (now Cleanbody) Graduate July 2019

"Today I'm 26 lbs lighter, my mind is healthier, I think differently  about food, I make more mindful decisions & I exercise more than I have in my life.  I no longer have what I nick name "my bathroom issues".  My body doesn't feel bloated and I also don't crave some food that really isn't good for us

You might say any doctor could do this, I would respectfully disagree with you.  I feel like I have been on a journey for the last 10 years regarding my health & she was the cherry on top to get me to the finish line.  I admit I still like my sweets & my wine, but I look at them differently & make more conscious decisions.  Because of this the food, supplements & her experience has taught me differently & I feel better.  No doctor has ever taken the amount of time or energy to invest in me!"


Stephanie S. (From Yelp)

"This Doctor is amazing!  We found Dr. Fong after seeing several other Doctors for a mysterious stomach illness that our 10 year old daughter was experiencing (daily pressure and pain in the lower left side of her stomach).  Previous to Dr. Fong was the Pediatric Gastro who was stumped after countless tests (blood, stool, xrays, ultrasound). She employs a variety of alternative testing and searches for things other Physicians don't.  She diagnosed my daughter with leaky gut and a lack of the ability to produce enough bile from the liver.  And as she promised, she cured our daughter within 4 months!!!  No more daily pain.  It's lifted a huge weight off of our family and for this I will forever be grateful to this Doctor and will continue to sing her praises and refer her to people."

Shakira H. (From Yelp)

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