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Your Yearly Health Check-in: Evaluate, Optimize, Cleanse & THRIVE!

By Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to overlook the crucial element of self-care—our health. Much like we maintain our cars and tidy our homes regularly, our bodies deserve consistent attention and care. In this article, we explore the transformative power of an annual health evaluation and how you can use the three-step Cleanbody Method to reset your body every year and maintain Cleanbody health for decades to come.

Step 1: Get Evaluated

Embarking on the path to optimal health begins with understanding your body's unique needs. Consider the following steps:

Take the Cleanbody Organ Assessment

Take our Cleanbody Organ Assessment to gain insights into the current state of your organ health. Get access to additional health assessments, such as lab and fitness assessments, by working with us.

Yearly Visit with your ND & Functional Assessment of Labs

Engage in an annual health evaluation and functional lab assessment by consulting with a naturopathic doctor, like myself. Below, you will see some of the key labs we recommend ordering annually for a comprehensive understanding of your health. Notably, many of these labs might not be part of the routine orders from your primary care physician. In our Cleanbody Lab Assessment, we go beyond traditional approaches by not only expanding the range of labs but also utilizing distinctive "functional" reference ranges. This unique perspective enables us to evaluate the optimal functioning of your organs rather than simply identifying diseases, providing a more nuanced and proactive approach to your health assessment.

  • CBC w/diff    

  • Complete Metabolic Panel 

  • Free T3, Free T4, TSH   

  • Uric Acid    

  • ANA     

  • Vitamin D – 25 OH 

  • DHEA-S

  • Testosterone (males and females)

  • Day 21 Estradiol and Progesterone (females only)

  • Cortisol AM 

  • Fasting Lipid Panel 

  • Hgb A1c 

  • Insulin 

  • Homocysteine 

  • hs-CRP 

  • LpPLA2

  • Iron Total, Iron Sat, Ferritin 

  • Iodine

  • Magnesium RBC

  • Folate and Vitamin B12

If you don't currently have a naturopathic doctor, consider working with us or enrolling in our group program, Cleanbody Essentials. If you are working with us, we will assess these lab results for you from a functional perspective and offer recommendations to improve your health and organ function. If you are in our Cleanbody Essentials group program, you can get your labs ordered by your primary care doctor and then use our specialized Cleanbody Lab Assessment worksheet to identify potential imbalances in your lab values.

By examining your labs from a functional perspective, we can detect imbalances in organ systems before resorting to drastic measures like medications. This approach is a true preventive measure for your healthcare, allowing for proactive health optimization.

Step 2: Optimize Your Pillars of Health

Embracing a holistic philosophy, the Cleanbody Method centers around five fundamental pillars of health. As a vital practice, it's essential to conduct an annual evaluation of your Cleanbody Pillars to affirm your commitment to ongoing health optimization. Elevate your journey by working with us or joining our Cleanbody Essentials group program, granting you exclusive access to education and resources designed to assist you in optimizing these Pillars. Delve into the optimization of each pillar, cultivating comprehensive well-being year after year:


Craft nutrient-dense "CleanFOOD" plates, ensuring at least half is filled with colorful vegetables. Complement this with lean proteins, good fats, and healthy fiber for a balanced and nourishing diet.


Integrate mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga into your routine. These practices are designed to alleviate stress, fostering mental clarity and well-being. Shift away from the "fight-or-flight" mode and embrace the restorative "rest and digest" state to promote optimal health and facilitate the healing process..


Establish a daily routine that promotes balance and consistency in your life. Include habits like having daily bowel movements, staying hydrated and getting sunlight exposure for at least 15 minutes daily.


Move your body every day and engage in regular physical activity that aligns with your preferences and health goals.


Create a clean and supportive environment by minimizing exposure to toxins, spending time in nature, and ensuring good air quality. Check out our product recommendations page for links to non-toxic products.

Step 3: Support Your System & Cleanse

The Cleanbody Method offers a structured approach to supporting your organs and cleansing, recognizing that different individuals have varying needs and preferences. After fortifying your Core and Drainage organs as needed (with the help of your Cleanbody Team), the subsequent step involves a rejuvenating cleanse. Much like scheduling regular oil changes for your car, an annual cleanse is vital due to the accumulation of toxins from everyday living throughout the year.

Recognizing the diversity in age, severity of toxicity, and individual preferences, we offer several levels of cleansing. This ensures that everyone can find a suitable and tailored approach to enhance their well-being through the Cleanbody Method. Learn more about our Cleanbody Cleanse Protocols:

Cleanbody Cleanse Protocols

  1. Level 1: Gentle Cleanse (Homeopathic Drainage): Tailored for children or individuals with severe symptoms requiring a gentle approach to cleansing. This level focuses on holistic homeopathic drainage to support the body's natural detox mechanisms, promoting balance and vitality.

  2. Level 2: Cleanse (Cleansing with Supplements and Herbs): A step further in the cleansing journey, Level 2 is designed for older kids or those with moderate to severe symptoms that require moderate cleansing. This level incorporates targeted supplements and herbs to eliminate toxins and impurities, promoting a thorough internal cleanse for revitalization. .

  3. Level 3: Fasting (Fasting): Transitioning to levels specifically designed for adults and those who are ready for a deeper cleanse, Level 3 introduces the power of fasting. This method allows your body to reset, promoting autophagy and cellular repair for a rejuvenated and increasingly detoxified system.

  4. Level 4: Clean C (Vitamin C Flush): Level 4 elevates your cleansing journey even more, where a Vitamin C flush becomes the focal point. This level aims to flush out accumulated toxins and support your immune system through the potent effects of Vitamin C.

  5. Level 5: CleanBILE (Flushing Bile): The highest level of cleansing at Cleanbody is the CleanBILE flush, which focuses on flushing bile from your system. This level targets the liver and gallbladder, promoting optimal digestive function and ensuring a thorough elimination of waste.

Investing in your health through an annual evaluation and embracing the three-step Cleanbody Method is an investment in a healthier, more vibrant life. By understanding your body, optimizing your pillars of health, and taking proactive steps to support your organ systems and cleanse, you pave the way for a revitalized well-being.

Start your journey today and unlock the transformative power of the Cleanbody Method. Learn more about joining the Cleanbody Essentials Group Program or working with us here!

About the Author:

Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND, is the CEO and founder of Cleanbody, a wellness company dedicated to treating and preventing chronic disease. She is the creator of the Cleanbody Method, which follows a three-step process: Evaluate (digging into the root causes of chronic disease using lab testing and other evaluation tools), Optimize (enhancing health foundations by addressing nutrition, lifestyle, and toxic exposures), and Support (optimizing organ functions through healing protocols).


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